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Burlap Fabric -DIY -Craft

with burlap you can make million of craft .from curatin to bag and wedding event to table cloth .

table cloth from burlap fabric

you can some trim lace and sew arround the burlap and make table runner,or make basket wave with strip burlap fabric and make table runner.

basket wall hanging,this is another wonderfull ideal it can be very easy one .sewing like funnel

burlap fabric

working with burlap fabric is very easy ,cutting it and sewing is not hard at all.

this is another way to make

Basket wave table runner with burlap fabric

burlap fabric

cut burlap strip and serge the edge make it basket wave the size of table runner you want.

some store they have already cut strip of burlap and that is more easier to work .

to make it more nicer you can sew trim lace around the table runner.

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