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Why We are cheapest fabric online?

Why We are cheapest fabric online?

To sell cheap is very hard for a business, but if you can manage it , you can make your customer happy.

Customer want good value for money is paying.

We with over 25 years of experience and knowledge of sourcing the fabric managing to be cheapest fabric online in Canada and USA.

Our place is over 40000 sq ft with millions of fabric .We have ability to purchase in large quantity .and we get it cheap and we sell it cheap.

We carry Home decor fabric for upholstery and window covering.Apparel fabric from silk wool cotton linen .polyester product like chiffon geogette crepe satin and you name it .

our customer likes FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $60+ and that make it more cheaper.

US Customer get more cheaper!

All our prices are Canadian Dollors. you will save %25 on exchange rate.

Under $200 USD there is no custom duty.

we sell cheap fabric by the yard like wholesale price.

cheapest fabric online

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cheap fabric by the yard

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